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Bethel Bargaining


Bethel Bargaining Team:

Curt Nordling, Co-Chair

EEA Vice President

Willamette High School

Curt joined the bargaining team in 2009 taking over the role as bargaining chair a few years later. Curt is a current OEA Delegate, serves on the EEA PAC, EEA Budget Committee, and Bethel SPED Advocacy Committee, as well as roles as the Bethel Vice President. 

                                                                                                                                   Amber Jackson, Co-Chair

                                                                                                                                   Cascade Middle School 


Amber has strongly represented the interests of Cascade Middle School (CMS) and Middle school interests in general for years joining the team back in 2007. Amber has served on multiple committees over the years and has bargained several full successor & interior, bargains. Amber currently sits on the resolving issues together committee (RIT), current building rep for CMS, and recently became the bargaining co-chair.  

Christy Perrigo

Irving Elementary School

Christy brings a wealth of background to the team as a current building rep for Irving, a former member of the EEA Executive Board & JIBC, and a current member of the EEA Grievance committee. Christy has been a consistent and strong supporter for workplace protections at the elementary level and a vocal advocate for expanded elementary prep time. Christy joined the bargaining team in 2007.  

                                                                                                                                   Matt Stiffler

                                                                                                                                   Cascade Middle School 


Matt has been a long-time advocate for workplace protections for those educators providing special services through the Bethel School District. As a resource room teacher at Cascade Middle School, Matt's ability to remain calm and provide insight behind the scenes during the most stressful moments on the team has been invaluable over the years. Matt joined the bargaining team back in 2007. 

Kelly Leguizamon

Prairie Mountain

Kelly brings a perspective of a math educator within a K-8 school with a background as a trainer of professional development of fellow educators within Bethel. As a former math TOSA, former executive board member, and a current member of the Joint Insurance Benefits Committee (JIBC), Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge to the committee. Kelly joined the bargaining team back in 2014. 

                                                                                                                                   Josh Edwards

                                                                                                                                   Shasta Middle School 




Josh recently joined the bargaining team last year in 2020 with a wealth of background with professional partners in our community and at the state level. Josh is currently a building rep for Shasta Middle School, is the chair for the EEA Grievance Committee, works closely with Community Alliance for Public Education (CAPE), and sits on task forces at the state level and often meets with state legislators.   

Kayla Potter 

Meadow View K-8

Kayla has been a member of OEA's Early Career Organizing Committee since 2018. Her focus has been on helping early career educators feel connected, supported, and involved with our union while making state wide connections. This work led to the development of the New Educators of Oregon Network (NEON). Kayla is also part of EEA's membership committee. 

Pete Swinford

OEA Uniserv Consultant

Pete Swinford is our OEA consultant who oversees contract negotiations, contract maintenance, and personal concerns for all licensed staff members in Bethel & 4J as well as classified members within Bethel. Pete came to Oregon from Wisconsin with a wealth of understanding regarding unionism and representation across the labor union landscape. Pete began his work for EEA back in 2014.  

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