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4J Bargaining Chair:

     Imelda Cortez


Bethel Bargaining Chair:

     Amber Jackson


4J Joint Insurance Benefits Chair:

    Jamie Myers

Bethel JBIC Chair:

     Liane McIrvin


Budget Committee Chair:

    Jamie Myers


Bylaws & Policies Co-Chairs:

     Talor Kirk & Imelda Cortez


Elections Committee Chair:

     Katie Mason


Human & Civil Rights Committee Chair:

    Casey Tiemann


Instruction Committee Co-Chairs:

     Tina Leaton & Carissa Boyce


Legislative Action Committee Chair:

   Justin Potts


Member Advocacy & Grievance Committee Chair:



Membership Committee Chair:

     Liz Nordling


Committee on Racial Equity (CORE) Chair:

    Jesse Scott


Community Outreach & Public Relations Co-Chairs:



EEA-Retired Chair:



EAST Chair:

     Linda Smart


Inclusion Chairs:

     Kim McManus & Leslie Sanderson

Committee Descriptions:


Bargaining Committee:

     Represents Association members in collective bargaining for salary, terms and conditions of employment


Benefits Committee:

      Supports and trains JBC (Joint Benefits Committee) and JIBC (Joint Insurance Benefits Committee) licensed members


Budget Committee:

     Oversees the EEA budget and annually meets to develop the upcoming budget to bring to Executive Board and Rep Council for approval


Bylaws & Policies Committee:

     Reviews and revises the bylaws and policies of the Association to be approved by the Association Representative Council


Elections Committee:

     Develops procedures for elections, conducts elections, and reports election results


Human & Civil Rights Committee:

     Promotes the civil rights of teachers and students, educates members on policies relating to human rights, raises awareness of discrimination, establishes communication with other community and labor organizations for mutual assistance and support, and provide curriculum and/or training for teachers on human and civil rights


Instruction Committee:

     Promotes positive changes in curriculum and instruction, develops and provides professional development opportunities, administers the EEA scholarship program and meets with Eugene and Bethel School Districts to provide EEA's perspective on instruction related issues


Legislative Committee:

    Recommends action on proposed educational legislation, keeps Association members informed of political action, and maintains contact with legislators to support educational issues


Member Advocacy & Grievance Committee:

     Develops and administers procedures for maintaining negotiated agreements


Membership Committee:

     Educates and provides orientation for new Association members, recruits new active members, and provides member support and recognition


CORE Committee:

     Promotes culturally diverse participation in Association activities, provides and active support system for minority educators, and promotes positive change in the curriculum and instruction to include accurate multicultural materials


Community Outreach & Public Relations Committee:



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