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Oregon Education Association (OEA)


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OEA Foundation







Established in 1995, the OEA Foundation provides educators with up to $100 grants to help students meet basic, urgent and immediate needs so they can succeed in school. Cash grants from the Foundation fill needs unmet by any other source. Unfortunately, and particularly in this economic climate, the need is ever-present and continues to grow in Oregon.

Since its creation, the Foundation has distributed over $900,000 to help needy Oregon public school students. Since the beginning, the key source for these critical funds has been OEA members and staff. The OEA family continues to be generous in their support through payroll deductions and cash donations. The Oregon Education Association funds all of the administrative costs of the Foundation, which allows all donations to be used to provide direct assistance to students.

Over the past 15 years, the OEA Foundation has purchased countless pairs of eyeglasses, repaired a broken wheelchair, provided many students with their first winter coat, paid for dental work and doctor visits, fitted new shoes on lots of feet, and even replaced a broken bedroom window. When all is said and done, the OEA Foundation works to ensure that the physical, social, and emotional needs of students do not stand in the way of success in school.

Who may access the grant process?
Any active OEA member who encounters a student in need can click here to make a request for funds from the OEA Foundation.

The OEA Foundation is dedicated to meeting the most basic needs of public education students. Your tax-deductible donations will make a positive difference and allow us to continue to assist those who need help. Click here to make your own tax-deductible contribution to the OEA Foundation today. Donations may also be made “In Honor Of” a colleague or “In Memory Of” a family member.

Thank you for supporting the OEA Foundation, to allow OEA members to help students succeed.





What is OEA-PIE?
OEA-PIE is OEA’s political action committee – made up every OEA member who makes a voluntary contribution. It allows you to combine your investment with thousands of other members to elect lawmakers who care about public education as much as we do.

Anyone may become a member of OEA-PIE by giving a voluntary contribution. These contributions are separate from regular Association dues and not a condition of OEA/NEA membership.

CLICK HERE to contribute to the Political Action Committee.





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